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Who We Are


Jeff Cassim

Managing Partner


Homa Hajarian

Sales & Marketing Agronomist

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Nicolle Siccardi

Office Manager

Jeff  brings over 40 years of extensive experience in the fertilizer manufacturing and sales industry. A native of New England, Jeff's journey began with a degree in Fruit and Vegetable Science from the University of Massachusetts Stockbridge School of Agriculture in 1974. His commitment to the field started early, as he forged a connection with Liquid Products' facilities back in 1979 when it operated under the name Old Fox Chemical, a pioneer in the manufacturing of liquid fertilizer. During those formative years, he played a crucial role in establishing a UAN Terminal in Upstate New York, contributing to the early adoption of liquid fertilizer in the region.

Currently, as the General Manager of Liquid Products, LLC, Jeff oversees the operations of two manufacturing facilities and four terminals in New York. His expertise spans liquid 10-34-0 manufacture, blending liquid NPK fertilizers through hot and cold methods, and managing liquid fertilizer terminal operations. Jeff held the prestigious Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) certification, specializing in fruit and vegetable crops, further enhancing his industry knowledge. 

Beyond his professional achievements, Jeff is a dedicated commercial grower of strawberries, raspberries, and asparagus in Waterloo, New York, making valuable contributions to the local agriculture scene. Jeff's commitment to excellence extends to his roles in industry associations. He is a sustaining member of the New York State Agri Business Association of New York and New England, having served as Treasurer, Secretary, President, and on its board of directors.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Jeff enjoys a fulfilling family life, being happily married with two adult daughters and the proud grandparent of four grandchildren. His profound involvement, vision, and unwavering dedication continue to drive Liquid Products towards excellence, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of agriculture and industry while addressing the pressing challenges faced by both sectors.

Homa is from Baltimore, Maryland, and she now lives and works in the Finger Lakes in New York. As the most recent addition to the team, Homa is ardently driven to contribute to Liquid Products, LLC. She holds the position of Sales and Marketing Agronomist, a role demanding a comprehensive understanding of crop and industry production practices.

At the University of Maryland, College Park, Homa earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science and Technology, cementing a robust foundation in agricultural principles. She concurrently completed a Bachelor of Arts in Ecological Anthropology, allowing her to understand the connections between agriculture and human culture. 

Homa has 2 years of experience in commercial horticultural production, having worked with a wide variety of crops. Building upon this, she pursued an advanced degree, culminating in a Master's in Integrative Plant Science from Cornell University. Homa conducted research on fertilizer deficiencies in hemp, significantly contributing to the expanding knowledge base within this emerging crop.

For 4 years, she owned and operated Hajarian Hydroponics & Landscaping. During this time, she specialized in designing and constructing home hydroponic systems and managing residential landscapes for all seasons. Her role extended to managing supply chain, procurement, and operations. Through proactive outreach, she expanded her clientele and negotiated agreements, all while fostering transparent and friendly business relationships. These diverse skills enable her to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to clients' needs.

In her free time, Homa enjoys hunting, practicing and learning new languages, and maintaining her home hydroponic garden. Her academic and professional background has finely honed her analytical and problem-solving skills, enabling Homa to craft pragmatic solutions for intricate agricultural challenges regarding nutrient solutions.

Nicolle is a dedicated professional and has been the cornerstone of Liquid Products, LLC for the past 17 years. Her responsibilities as office manager encompass a wide array of crucial tasks, including managing accounts payable, overseeing accounts receivable, meticulously tracking inventory levels, and facilitating seamless internal correspondence within the company.

Born in Rockford Illinois, Nicolle's early life was marked by geographic diversity as her family moved along the east coast before settling in the serene landscapes of Upstate New York. Nicolle is a loving mother of four. When she's not diligently managing Liquid Products' operations, Nicolle enjoys leisurely walks, football Sundays rooting on the Washington Commanders, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Nicolle's journey to her current role has been shaped by previous experiences in banking and customer service, further enhancing her skill set and making her an invaluable asset to the Liquid Products, LLC team. Her commitment, versatility, and dedication to both her professional and personal life make her an irreplaceable part of Liquid Products, LLC.

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