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About Us

"Providing quality material when you absolutely need it!"

Liquid Products, LLC is a distinguished manufacturing and distribution company providing nutrient solutions and industrial inputs to the agriculture and industrial sectors.

As a privately held organization, our customer-centric approach allows us to prioritize the needs of our customers above all else. This unique advantage empowers us to create maximum value for our consumers, placing their satisfaction at the heart of our business strategy.


Unlike publicly traded companies, we are not solely driven by the interests of shareholders, affording us the flexibility to focus on understanding and fulfilling the distinct needs of our discerning clientele.

Our Values

We uphold a set of guiding principles critical to serving our customers’ best interests, and we are wholeheartedly committed to this process:

  • Service – We devote ourselves to providing responsible, reliable, and timely services to all our customers. Our pledge is to respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours, demonstrating our commitment to exceptional customer experiences and building lasting partnerships.

  • Transparency – We firmly believe that transparency is the cornerstone of building trust. Our commitment to being completely open and transparent in all our interactions empowers our consumers to make well-informed decisions, fostering mutual understanding and trust.

  • Reliability & Consistency: Our customers can trust that they will receive the precise materials they need exactly when they need them. Maintaining consistency in quality and timely delivery ensures the smooth and uninterrupted operations of our clients’ businesses.

  • Accountability – Accountability is not just about fulfilling obligations; it is about continuously seeking innovative solutions and achieving better results for our customers. Keeping all promises and commitments made to others is fundamental in building trust and fostering long-term partnerships.


At Liquid Products, LLC, these values form the bedrock of our organizational culture, driving our dedication to excellence, customer-centricity, and ethical practices.


We remain steadfast in our commitment to contribute positively to the success of our customers and the industries we passionately serve.

Our Locations

With four company facilities in Upstate New York, we have the flexibility to distribute to dealers & retailers through a network of terminals via rail & truck.

  • Waterloo, NY – Liquid storage capacity & blending facility

  • Cohocton, NY – Blending facility & reactor

  • Auburn, NY – Dry raw material storage

  • Albany, NY – Large liquid storage

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