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Liquid Products, LLC is a privately held company established in 2005, specializing in the manufacturing and supply of liquid nutrient solutions as well as a supplier of dry nutrient products to agriculture retailers and industry in the Northeast.

Jeff Cassim, the managing partner, holds a long-standing connection with the company’s facilities, dating back to 1979 when the business operated under the name Old Fox Chemical.

With this extensive experience, Liquid Products, LLC has gained valuable insights into the industry, driving its commitment to excellence and innovation.

In recent years, the agricultural sector has confronted significant challenges within the broader economy.

The industry faces mounting regulatory scrutiny, coupled with high input costs and persistently low commodity prices, leading to a landscape fraught with uncertainties.


However, at Liquid Products, LLC, these challenges are well understood, and the company is dedicated to playing a pivotal role in overcoming them.

By adhering to its core values, Liquid Products, LLC aims to provide top-notch materials that deliver on their promises at a fair and transparent price.

Central to its mission is the development of solutions that maximize nutrient efficiency, bolster producer profitability, and actively contribute to reducing any potential adverse effects on the environment.


In essence, Liquid Products, LLC believes in the power of simplicity to achieve its objectives.

By delivering exceptional products, fostering transparency, and prioritizing environmental stewardship, the company seeks to make a positive impact within the agricultural community and beyond.

With Jeff Cassim’s profound involvement and a clear vision, Liquid Products, LLC continues to strive for excellence in meeting the evolving needs of agriculture and industry, while simultaneously addressing the pressing challenges faced by both sectors.

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